Directed by John Deery

Conspiracy of Silence Reviews

“Writer-director John Deery takes dead aim with his story of hypocrisy, abuse and mob-tinged corruption in a contemporary Irish diocese”

Jack Mathews, New York Daily News

“A challenging, thought-provoking debut that compassionately questions the relevance of celibacy in the Catholic Church”

Michael Rechtshaffen, The Hollywood Reporter

“Extremely powerful and superbly acted”.

Jeffrey Lyons, WNBC-TV, New York

“It’s not often that a film changes history, but it’s just possible that Irish writer-director John Deery’s righteously energetic Conspiracy of Silence just might help alter the course of 21st century Catholicism... Thoroughly engrossing,.. strong stuff…”

Bob Westal, FilmThreat

“Sex, conspiracy and suicide: just another day at church. There are good priests and bad priests, and in Conspiracy of Silence there is no in-between. John Deery's modest drama is one big, obvious argument against the vow of celibacy for Roman Catholic priests, but it has heart.”

Anita Gates, The New York Times

“A powerful indictment of the Catholic Church, Conspiracy of Silence is a memorable debut from writer/director John Deery… a surprising and unexpected denouement to the movie”.

Nick Neyland, MUZE

“The film is both astonishing in its frankness and accomplished in its intimacy, a thriller of the conscience. With its small, personal take on an enormous issue, this is a bold film”.

MaryAnn Johanson,

“Conspiracy of Silence succeeds as a dramatic thriller, as a political message piece, and as a visual delight”.

Stan Jensen, Blade Magazine

“Superb acting and powerful writing make this film more than just a critique of the Catholic Church, but a baring of men’s souls”.

Ron Wilkinson, Monsters and

“This is a beautiful, thoughtful and challenging feature debut that takes an even hand to the hottest of topics and powerfully succeeds”.

Margaret Black, American Film Institute

“This thought-provoking look at a controversial, contemporary issue ought to appeal to audiences everywhere. For it makes it clear that until the Vatican starts dealing with its denial honestly by instituting some modernizing reforms, the Catholic Church will remain an irresistible and safe haven for predators and perverts in need of a closet for their kinky sexual appetites. Eye-opening, but not the type of Christian flick you'd attend with your parish priest.”

Kam Williams, Freelance Syndicate Journalist

“The controversial celibacy issue is front and center in this bold, suspenseful drama… John Deery’s no-holds-barred Conspiracy of Silence, which also has abundant local color and a stalwart cast”.

William Wolf, Wolf Entertainment Guide

“A rare, uncensored look into the truth behind celibacy in the modern day Catholic Church”… “Effecting, Inspired and Powerful!”

Dan Deevy,

“This bold film by John Deery looks at this knotty problem that just will not go away. This is not a Catholic-bashing film. Conspiracy of Silence presents some of the formidable challenges faced by reform-minded Catholics who dare to question the tradition of celibacy”.

Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality & Health

“Due to a manipulative and sinister portrayal of the institutional Church, including anti-clerical characterizations, a suicide, a sexual encounter with shadowy nudity, a shower scene with rear nudity, brief violence, and recurring rough and crude language, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Office for Film & Broadcasting classification is ‘O’…morally offensive”.

David DiCerto, Catholic News Service

“The subject is timely and important”.

David Sterrit, Christian Science Monitor